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Frequently Asked questions

  • Common Causes Of Drain Blockage
    Grease Buildup Whether it is a commercial or domestic kitchen, pouring certain liquids may cause blockages. Pouring oil down the drain can cause issues when the liquid solidifies in the drain and rubbish accumulates around this area. It is best to utilise other means to dispose of grease, also think of the environment when disposing waste! Waste and Soap Buildup Soap creates layers on walls and in drains, if not properly cleaned it can cause drainage blockages. Once layers are formed, it catches any waste such as hair or food particles and creates a blockage. Be mindful what is flushed down the toilet, we have seen all sorts of rubbish from nappies to building waste.
  • Burst Water Pipes
    Burst water pipes can happen anywhere and at anytime whether at home or in a commercial property. Always remember to shut the isolation valve, usually located at the front of a property or in a building maintenance room for commercial properties. For minor leaks you may not notice an abundant of water running from a pipe. However, you may noticed that your water bill has had a dramatic increase. In both cases it is best to call RDH to assist rectify the issues.
  • Hot Water System Maintenance
    We use our hot water systems everyday, so it is only natural for them to require servicing due to natural wear and tear. Below are some tips to prolong the life of your system; 1. Inspect: Regular inspection helps catch issues early in the piece. It allows us to attend to the problems prior to other issues arising. 2. Space: Your hot water systems require breathing space to operate at its optimum level. Also ensure it is placed away from regualr knocks or where it may be damaged. 3. Turn it off: If you are planning on a long trip away, turning off your hot water system can prolong its life. It can also save you considerable amount on your next bill.
  • Servicing Your Heater
    Carbon Moxide is dubbed the silent killer, don't risk your family during winter. Every heater requires a yearly service, we complete a safety check to keep you and your family safe. As part of our safety chcklist, we ensure there are no leaks and replace any parts that are required your heater operating safely.
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